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About your requests in UnMeta[modificare]

Your request will be rejected in UnMeta because there is already a Uncy in occitan: Oisquipèdia. 'm Sysop there. About your request pra sysop. I can forward it to the users Carlb or CartoonistHenning. Rhubella Marie 28 februarie 2010 17:51 (UTC)

It would be very uncomfortable if you created the account in oc:Oisquipèdia? I've posted the notice to the Cartoonist in UnMeta and his uncy care.

By the way I'm naming ambassador Desgalipedia, where I am bureaucrat. Rhubella Marie 28 februarie 2010 18:37 (UTC)


Hey, nice to meet you!

Thanks for it. Only now I see it.

Well, I do not speak romanian, but english. I will try to help where I can. As you can see, I'm sysop of Desciclopédia Usuário:Alhazred.

I particularly like România (his history, his culture) and I made several articles for this theme in Desciclopédia. Please see this [1] and this [2]

Well, if you need, I can translate articles in portuguese to english.

Have you MSN Messenger? It's more confortably to talk and to find me. Add [email protected]

See ya!

Alhazred 12 martie 2010 03:39 (UTC)

Let translate from english to romanian at least the titles of articles and his categories.

What do you think?

Alhazred 13 martie 2010 01:36 (UTC)

Good, I know what to do, now everything is clear. Let's go to work! Alhazred 14 martie 2010 00:02 (UTC)

Hi Erwin, I'm KING.M.D., I have been invated by Rhubella Marie, to contribute with this Wiki, a brother-projetc of Uncys. If you have anything to ask to me please, feel free to go to my talk page. KING.M.D./Talk 15 martie 2010 16:32 (UTC)

About this wiki[modificare]

Hello my dear Erwin, I have noticed that when you do not have imported Wikipedia articles Romanian, has imported the links of her own. I would like to explain that this site and at all sites is Uncyclopedia mood and therefore we should not have links to wikipedia. Let me explain better what I want to tell you is that Necyclopedie is a satire of Wikipedia, and so we should have some connection with them.

However, in many verrsões of Uncyclopedia in other languages is common also created versions of satirical Wikiquotes, wikinews, etc.. You can ask me or other users who appointed sysop. Remember that I am Desgalipedia bureaucrat and sysop of Alhazred is Desciclopedia, 2 sites satirical versions of wikipedia in Galician and Portuguese. Thus in all major Uncys top level. If you wish, and when I have a spare time can help you create these versions for Neciclopedie. Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 16 martie 2010 00:56 (UTC)

Hello Ruby! I remember that we have many sysop and bureaucrats here that I for all projects, whether to do something, you know what. Thanks. --Ervin 16 martie 2010 11:55 (UTC)

I think you misunderstood me Erwin. I meant not need to include links to the projects of the Romanian Wikipedia. This site is a version satirica it, and yes we can create versions for Neciclopedie. I'll see what I can do on Sunday and copy some of the projects Desgalipedia over here Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 16 martie 2010 15:36 (UTC)

Ok. --Ervin 16 martie 2010 18:36 (UTC)

One more thing I need a translation for the words safe book, news and quotes to Romanian. My google translator does not look good for this language. Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 17 martie 2010 01:15 (UTC)


I regret Ervin was busy in my home and uncy UnCommons. Else here knows if there is a forum to discuss a text that have circulated in several uncys and would post here as well. I need the quick response. I promise to translate into Romanian as soon as possible Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 4 iulie 2010 19:34 (UTC)

Another thing I'm noticing the contributions of Meno18 pages and he is doing, I'm sorry if I do not understand Romanian have not had time to translate at least copying pages from Romanian Wikipedia.

Notice that here is a site of humor and not plagiarism of WP and I can intrepret as vandalism and ban for this reason. Interlinks noticed by... several articles with Desgalipedia's interlinks articles inexist without it. Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 4 iulie 2010 20:13 (UTC)

Erwin, sorry about almost zero knowledge of your language, sorry. question about his having deleted some articles. I did it because they were copied from the Romanian Wikipedia. Again I know that here is a site of humor and not a backup of Wikipedia. However I have not erased those recently made by the user who described the last conversation, but I disagree with the idea to retrieve them. Yes we can copy some idea but not the articles. Once again I find that interlinks has copied items that do not lead anywhere. It seeks to import articles on Wikipedia Romanian these interlinks are here, connecting to uncys foreign, like mine. And these articles are not relevant.

I ask once again for not importing it, if you want you can import from Uncyclopedia and translate them. Could translate them myself on occasion. But then again, import arttigos 100% true facts, ie copialos of Wikipedia is considered vandalism and may cost you your powers of administrator if terminated. Cartoonist or Carlb can discover if I mentioned it to them. Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 7 iulie 2010 16:33 (UTC)

Who are you referring to? Another thing, do not know if I noticed about Wikia, UnMeta the needs of signatures of protest to the day eight, tomorrow, and you gfostaria participate Neciclopedie showing support for our cause. Several other uncys are supporting and really wanted to Neciclopedie through its principal bureaucrat sign. Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 7 iulie 2010 16:42 (UTC)

Articole -- Mesaj din Ţările de Jos[modificare]

Bună ziua Erwin,

Mă întrebam dacă s-au interesat în orice articole în limba olandeză.
De obicei, aş recomanda articolul nostru despre România, dar trebuie să ştiţi despre România decât noi.
Cu toate acestea, pot recomanda articolul nostru despre Bretania (Franţa) şi alte ţări şi limbi. Există un alt articol care ar putea fi interesant, dar nu sunt sigur ... Cât de mult ştii despre Wilhelm de Orania?
Dacă sunteţi interesat în nici unul din articolele noastre, lasă-mă să ştiu. Voi traduce articol în limba engleză astfel încât să puteţi traduce în limba română.
Sau, dacă doriţi, pot utiliza un dispozitiv de traducere pentru a traduce în limba română şi va corecta greşelile.

Laurenţiu opt sute şaizeci şi trei (863) din Ţările de Jos

Right, I'll tell again in English. Perhaps the translating device just fails.
We, on the Oncyclopedia Neerlandica, have some very nice articles. I was wondering if you were interested in having me translate one or two.
This means either:
  1. I translate a Dutch article into English and you translate it into Romanian, then put it onto Neciclopedie.
  2. I translate a Dutch article into Romanian and put it onto Neciclopedie, then you correct the translation mistakes.
Normally, the tip for a to-be-translated article is Romania, but you already have an article on Romania, and, to Romanians, the article wouldn't make sense. Therefore, I was wondering if our article about William of Orange would be suited here. Also, I was recommendig our Dutch article on the French region called Bretagne.
Is it clear now? Lars863 | 1 august 2010 18:43 (UTC)
Oh, and in case you were wondering, I'm the Assistant Ambassador for the Oncyclopedia. Lars863 | 3 august 2010 06:57 (UTC)

Neciclopedie's Problems (Answer given in UnMeta)[modificare]

We had a serious server problem that affected many uncys, including mine and yours. Do not worry we're doing everything possible to resolve the problem. Rhubella Rat.jpgRhubella Marie, Sockpreppie şobolan {{#ec:Rhubella Marie}} preppieditsRhubella.jpg 7 martie 2011 15:48 (UTC)