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  • Since I do not come here very often, you are always welcome to place your comment at my talk page at UnMeta, the Uncyclomedia coordination wiki. Thank you.

spam pages[modificare]

I turned up a bunch of spam pages while digging through recent changes just now. I have blanked all those I came across, so you will be easily able to see them by looking at my contributions. Please delete them, or if you are not willing you can give me admin rights here as well.

I will also notify you on Meta as I don't believe you are that active here. Llwy-ar-lawr (discuție) 1 iulie 2013 14:00 (UTC)

Done | CartoonistHenning (discuție) 13 iulie 2013 01:43 (UTC)
Thanks. Llwy-ar-lawr (discuție) 15 iulie 2013 15:52 (UTC)

Other spam pages[modificare]

Hello there. There seems to be no administrator around on Romanian Uncyclopedia and no one else to delete all the spam. Here are some "articles" I found that I please you to erase (some of them were blanked by me):

There might be more, anyway, but please erase those for now. Nisetru (discuție) 26 iulie 2017 21:05 (UTC)