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For the average inhabitant of the planet Earth (also known as ZB-114), Dacia means nothing. For an average Romanian it means two things:

Dacia c.JPG

1. The ancient kingdom created by Burebista the hairy. It was a great and huge kingdom, spreading as far as to the Kirghid empire. Unfortunately, Burebista didn't respect the Non-proliferation treaty, he created weapons of mass destruction, tuica (aka applejack). Thus, the Democratic Roman Empire was forced to intervene, invading Dacia a few hundred years later, during the reign of Decebal. The Dacians however were not able to defend themselves using tuica (aka applejack) because by the time the roman army was ready for battle all the dacians had drank the tuica to the last drop.

And so, the Dacians were conquered. The roman invaders were stuck in Dacia for a few hundred years (they all got drunk from the vapors, some stayed because they liked the drunken hippie athmosphere). In the end, from the Dacians, Romans and a lot of alcohol, the romanian people were born.

Dacia f.jpg

2. The second meaning: Dacia is not a car. Some may argue that it has an engine, four wheels, it makes funny driving noises and can actually move. Experts however concluded that it is not a car. It was created during the Communist regim in Romania, to serve in the army of the Dark Sith Ceausescu.