The Cheeky Girls

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The Cheeky Girls[modificare]

Who cares about music?

The Cheeky Girls are a talented Romanian Pop Duo, who recently-released the hit song 'The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)', a collaboration with Composer John Williams, and the London Symphony Orchestra. This track took the Western world by storm due to its euphoric yet soulful rhythm, heart melting poetic lyrics, and truely awe-inspiring instrumental sections. "A work of unmatched genius," claimed the Guardian newspaper.Which, for the sake of common sense, should never be reiterated.

The story of Monica and Gabriela, born in Transylvania, is one that should warm even the coldest heart and not only... Refusing to accept the fate of most twenty year-old Romanian identical twins and take up careers as porn stars, the two girls instead escaped to Transylvania's docks, where, hiding inside empty Romanian vodka barrels, they were thrown into the water (Romanians throw all empty vodka barrels into the sea in order to avoid high toxic waste disposal fees). After many weeks of voyaging in their barrels, the girls were washed up on the sunny beaches of the UK (Skegness), where their waifish looks from weeks of starvation secured them an appearance on 'Popstars - the rivals'. We are terribly anxious of further developments from these stunning beauties who have such bright future ahead of them.