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The term "haiduc" comes from the latin "haiduculus" wich means outlaw, eating onion and pig fat. (of course, drinking tzuica)

In the Romania, it is a great insult to be called a haiduc because the haiduc steals from the rich and gives to the poor(smart people are called bastani and steal from the poor and give to themselves)

also, to ilustrate, a famous song by world renouned artists Ozone :

Alo! Salut! Sunt eu un haiduc! - Hello, it's me the haiduc
Si te rog iubirea mea primeste fericirea. - I beg you my love accept this money

Haiducs like to wear tights (called itzari) and ride horses when they are "prastie" (dead drunk) and unable to suck the horse.

Famous haiducs include Robin Hood and Toma Alimosh. Being a "haiduc" nowdays in Romania kicks ass. See for instance the one and only Gigi "o fut pe ma-ta" Becali, who not only is damn stupid, but also filthy rich and ownes a soccer team, called Steaua (The Star) Bucharest. Format:Catstub

edit: a lot of people have a looot of free time at their disposal