Gigi Becali

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George Becali, zis si Razboinicul NLuminii, JJ B si Jiji cel Mare este presedintele Romaniei si patronul celei mai tari echipe din univers, Faci Ce Spune Becali.

Also known as Jiji Berbecali, is one of the greatest Romanian politicians.

Although his origins disappear in the mists of time and no one knows his age, there are rumours that he may be the result of the love between a Moldavian shepherd and his black sheep, if we are to believe the Romanian legend Mioriţa.

He started as a shepherd, following his family's tradition. Then, he bought a football club called Steaua (the Star), which is very popular among the alcohol soaked seed-eating (seed-cracking ??) Romanians who regularly engage in wars with drunk seed-eating red dogs supporting the football club Dinamo (untranslatable) and dark skinned pot smoking giuleştians supporting the football club Rapid (a sort of Fast Train).

At a time of social unrest following the leaving of the national god Ceausescu to heavens, when the rulers of the country were about to sell it to the martian mob, he decided it was the time to take Romania's fate into his own hands and bring a meaning to the existence of the drunk Romanians.

Since then, he has been called the Warrior of Light. Now he wanders through the country and the TV screens together with his faithful servant and bodyguard Meme Stoica, carrying a Bible in his pocket and "The Warrior of the Light" by Paulo Coelho in his other one, smoking crack and fighting injustice, poverty, the Hungarians and the windmills. He doesn't own a horse any more, because it was stolen, but the thieves were kind enough to leave him a Maybach instead.

His worst enemies are the journalists, especially 2 of them called Huidu and Găinuşă. He also hates Antena 1, a rather important TV station owned by his idiotic political adversary, Dan Voiculescu. Format:Catstub

It is interesting to notice that Gigi Becali likes to impersonate Romanian Historical figures, such as Michael the Brave or Corneliu Zelea-Codreanu, known for their violent deaths (decapitation and strangulation). Either he considers himself their equal, or he's looking forward to embrace thier tragic destinies, the future of mr. Becali is,for the moment, to be decided by the Romanian High Court. Gigi "The Bear" Becali si also known as The Warior of Light. Hystorical sources show that he is the unrecognised brother of Jesus. He died carriyng his star (The Star of Bucharest)in stad of cross because he doesn't knew rather he was a christian or a jew.