Gregorian Bivolaru

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Gregorian Bivolaru is a human being* foarte popular in Romania and in the police precinct. He is the god of sex for those who practice Yoga. He used to be a god that took photos of young girls and had orgies with them. He was so cool, even police wanted to see him close. We don't know yet his sex. Why? because he once wanted to cross the border and he was dresses like a woman, an ugly woman. He had a wig. He managed to get escape detention and then he went to a Nordic country. He made himself so popular even there, that cops found him there too.

(If you find this baffling, read [1]. --OEJ)

one of his disciples bought hiself a swamiship and called himself vivikanada (somewhat arrogant if you realise he thinks he was bringing yoga in its true form to india as opposed to the more famous viv.. who brought it to the west!!) he taught in rishikesh, sleeping with numerous women-girls a day, some merely experimenting and moving on others ending up in psychiatric institutions at home, until he was thrown out and went to thailand to be lapped up with nieve youngsters. i think its really a case of you get the guru you deserve, but somehow the vulnerable do ask for some protection. gregorian taught narcis (the swami in his dreams)all he knew no doubt. its all a bit silly, but really dont make a martyr out of these folks, its just daft. they like to get out of it on sex.....

One of his hobbies is drinking his own urine, which he teaches his disciples as well. This seems to have inspired technology used on the International Space Station [2].

  • This assertion is debatable.